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"aluminum free baking powder"? you're pointing something out I was totally unaware of! Thank you.

So sad I'm allergic to oats, this looks delicious. I can always try with other flaked cereals I guess!

Rae Veda

I do love baked oatmeal. I love oatmeal in the winter too. I can't ever bring myself to eat it unless it's really cold out. XO, RaeVeda


Angie Bailey

This sounds absolutely heavenly!!! Especially for the cool mornings we're having in Utah lately. 3 Thank you for posting! ^_^

irene wibowo

look delicious! :)
Love Simple Green

Jaclyn T


I absolutely LOVE your blog, and have a gift I would like to send to you as a "thank you" for being such a nice read. If you are into that, please email me at positive[dot]ponderings[at]hotmail[dot]ca.

Jaclyn T :)

P.S. I am posting the same message on your sis's blog, as she is also a blog crush of mine...


I loved Red Velvet's booth at Renegade! My sister and a few friends were there this afternoon. You are such a beauty! I hope you had fun in Chicago and have a safe trip home :)


looks and sounds amazing!




wow, this looks delicious! and by the way, you should definitely make your own cookbook as well :)


I want to be able to forward Mashable's or Engadgets, or Techcrunch's blog post titles to my blog. Just the titles, not the actually blog part. Is this in any way possible?.


That looks so incredibly yummy! I will have to do a little tweaking to the recipe, because my husband is allergic to bananas (I feel so bad for him!)...might add some more berries or something. Maybe I will make him breakfast in bed Saturday, because it's definitely going to be a homebody weekend for us!


I made baked oatmeal this weekend too! I tried it with apple and nutmeg and was just as delicious as the berry version. Very very tasty!



I keep meaning to make baked oatmeal for a weekend breakfast and end up never having what I need in the house and then not wanting to go to the grocery store. I guess I shouldn't be so lazy, but there you have it! I like adding bananas and berries and cream. I'll have to get my lazy butt to the store so I can try this one out!


Looks delicious!


looks yummy, but a bitch to clean! yes, that is how this debbie downer works. lol



that looks so good! I randomly got the McDonalds oatmeal...it was so good I've been looking for other way to eat oatmeal. I'll definitely have to give this a try!


This looks and sounds absolutely delicious.

What is the difference between regular baking powder and aluminum free?


Looks good! We always make baked oatmeal for christmas morning. Our recipe started with apples, and now we add a mixture of apples and blueberries served with fresh raspberries and vanilla yogurt! Never christmas morning without it.


i love oatmeal...especially in the autumn.
unfortunately my husband hates it..he says it is to slimy for him. :P
BUT...i think this recipe might work for him.


Wow I love oatmeal and love to try new ways of eating it :D

April and Maya

I tried a similar recipe recently and it was wonderful. Definitely going to be a breakfast staple this fall and winter. I'll give this recipe a whirl next time.

Lauren Helen

I'm a baked oatmeal addict, though I'm totally in love with just plain cinnamon baked oatmeal. Soooo good. I've been meaning to try a baked oatmeal with shredded zucchini but I hate waking up in the mornings which means I never end up having time for stuff like that.

The more I look at this variation of the treat, the better it looks, though!


Mandy @ Miss Indie

Oh holy yes. I'mma make me some in the morning. :]

dena miller

This looks really good...I love oatmeal...I am going to have to try this soon and I must say that the blueberries would be so yummy.


Tried it this morning and it was incredible. My favorite part was the custardy, kind of caramel like goodness happening with the bananas. Just wonderful.


Bookmarking this to make sometime this week! It seems like the perfect breakfast as the cooler weather sets in and autumn arrives. Thank you!

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