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Mama Smith @projectlittlesmith

Ooh risotto is one of my favorites too. It's so adaptable and comforting. Your's looks yummy! I recently posted a beet risotto on my blog which is also tasty and colorful... I'll post the link in case you want to give it a try :)



I absolutely love rice, and have always wanted to try making risotto, but was too afraid to attempt it. I think I might give it a shot after this post. Thanks for sharing!


I've always wanted to try risotto! A friend ordered it in a restaurant once and I sampled it and boy was it delicious! I want a dish to myself! Thanks for the tips!


I adore risotto; like grown-up macaroni and cheese.

I have an incredible Meyer lemon risotto that I make; really bright and light but still creamy and cheesy. So good, especially if you're a fellow risottophile!



As a vegetarian, I agree it's so versatile! I really enjoy making this summer risotto recipe I found. The cherry tomatoes and pearl onions just pop in you mouth. So good! xo



I've been making risotto this way for years now and it's delicious! A nice squeeze of lemon and chopped chives add such a brightness!

mon amy

The slow pace

It's been a while since I prepared risotto! I'll have to change that!


And the only time I have ever had risotto was in a restaurant. But your post here makes me want to try to make it at home! It is sooo delicious .. love the stuff.



I know exactly what book and what scene you are talking about! Isabel Dalhousie (well, Alexander McCall Smith) makes everything sound great!

LARY@ Inspiration Nook

This looks amazing. I will have to make it soon. The best one I've ever had was a red wine risotto. I still dream about it.


I love risotto, make it all the time! This weekend I made a risotto with tomato and basil :)


i love love love risotto. It's great with about anything. Asparagus and shrimp is my favorite though.


My favorite is butternut squash risotto! Incredible stuff!

Chrissa - a tad bit creative

Thanks for this recipe, Emma! I've never made risotto before but actually bought some at the supermarket the other day with the intention to make it! So I look forward to giving this a go :)


Risotto is my absolute favorite. If i see it on the menu at a restaurant, I have to get it every time. I've only made it once at home and I was just winging it and it was absolutely the best cheesy dream of a meal I have ever had. I could never recreate it. But I'm willing to try it again. Thanks for the tips.



YUM! Although, I don't have the talent to make this perfectly ... it's so so yummy. Risotto is a definite favorite of mine and this looks delish.

*I'm having one of my first giveaways!


But what was the book!


I absolutely love Risotto and always like finding and trying out alternatives to my recipe. So will definitely give yours a go soon. It looks divine :)
I add some finely chopped celery to my onions and sometimes replace the wine with dry vermouth for a slightly sweeter taste.
Absolutely favorite risotto at our house is: spinach and creamy goats cheese risotto.
Toni x


Hi, Emma, I don't know if you can find it in US, but I suggest you to make risotto with "carnaroli": it's another kind of rice and here in Italy it's used to make risotto because it's a rice that stays firm when cooked and the results are great! For different recipes we use other types, like "arborio", "parboiled" (for rice salad), "basmati" (for Oriental recipes), "Roma" (If I'm right it's used for soups...) and others.
But "carnaroli" it's the best for risotto, listen to me, baby :D


sounds and looks delicious! i've been looking for new things to try.

stephanie kelley

This looks so delicious Emma!! I can't wait to make it :)

Steph at http://mycreativebrightside.blogspot.com


Oh cool—I've never used carnaroli before. I will have to look for that! Thanks for the tip. :)


It was a Sunday Philosophy Club novel, Alexander McCall Smith. Love all his books!


Yummy! I've always wanted to try risotto....my new goal is to try it this summer! Thanks for the recipe Emma!


I just made this -literally 5 minutes ago. I almost had to lie down on the floor it is so good! NOM NOM NOM! Thank you for sharing this recipe, will definitely make this again and again!

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