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Lesley Myrick

"Fried egg is only one ā€œnā€ away from being friend egg. Cute."

This pretty much made my day. :)


I make an omelette similar to this with black beans and avocado. I dig your addition of the tortilla though. Personally, I can't eat runny eggs anymore. So I usually go for omelettes or poached. But I still need to learn to poach an egg myself.


This looks yummy and right up my alley! I actually had something very similar for lunch today, but the "filling" was roasted sweet potatoes, kale, and caramelized red onions instead of the beans. And, I couldn't resist topping it with a bit of homemade guacamole because it seems that everything is better with avocados.


oh my gosh, these look amazing. then again, you can't go wrong w/ a fried egg!


I'm the exact same way! I used to be grossed out by runny eggs, but now I realize they're the shiz / eat them way too often.

Poached eggs are good too...especially in ramen.

And baked eggs.

Bea Monforte

Eheheheh! You are so funny! I love scrambled eggs and fried eggs too (but as I'm on diet I hardly remember ther flavor, sigh!)
I have another "interesant" fact for you: I knew a girl whose internet nickname was "huevo frito" (fried egg in spanish)



yummmmm. love this!

love, rach.


i LOVE fried eggs too!!!! i could eat one every day. have you ever done eggs in a basket? where you cut the hole out of a piece of toast, then fry the egg in the hole! it is amazing.


i loved your list, i really like your sense of humor!
anyway, to personal, oh well, i remember liking the yolk to be a little runny when i was little


I loved the list! looks fun, I also eat friend eggs a lot! ;D


I like my fried egg the same way! A runny yolk, but not the white part, is where it's at!


hmm, microwaving fried eggs doesn't sounds like a good plan to me... (;
but yum! this looks so tasty, thanks for sharing!
xo, cheyenne

Alice Barton

That sounds so good! Must try it!! xx
Alice Barton ā™„ TheMowWay


Great recipe, I'm gonna try it really soon!


I love fried eggs too! :) I love to pair my fried eggs with butter and cheese and coffee, and some toasted pan de sal (or salt bread).


This sounds and looks delicious, I definitely need more fried egg in my life!!

Vicky @ Ursine Cuisine

Oooh, looks delicious! We eat a lot of eggs in this house too - scrambled, poached, fried, baked. All delicious, but the fried egg is pretty special!

My favourite hangiver cure, and one that really works, is plain white rice with a fried egg on top (crispy round the sides and yolk still runny), with lots and LOTS of sriracha squeeze on top. Heaven.

Sarah Joy

I loved the list. Now I have to add this recipe to my list of things to do.

Your blog is hilarious. Keep being quirky- it's honest and entertaining!


Oooo yum, its 10PM now, and I'm considering venturing out of my warm doona to go and make this!
I made a similar thing last night, except I threw in some chickpeas, and instead of making a sort of egg-burrito like yours, I popped the bean mixture in a ramekin, cracked the egg on topped and baked it until the white was cooked and the yellow was oooozy.


Eggs are great! If you are eating eggs often, I hope you buy organic, yes, they are more expensive but it's worth it:
Poaching eggs is easy:
No need to use oil and they turn out perfect. Little device costs $9, perfect every time. I hate oily eggs (especially in a restaurant that puts margarine on bread beforehand, urgh), it ruins the taste of the egg itself.
Organic eggs taste twice as good and it's a good approach to humane living.
I love your blog and humor. Keep the recipes coming.... thank you. x


Totally agree with you on so many of those! the white stuff is SO gross when it's runny. don't even wanna think about what it reminds me of, and oooh the ooze. Yes-please. And thank you :)


Are you in my food brain right now?I thought the same exact way about eggs and raw tomatoes! Now I eat fried egg sandwich with tomatoes, so good!

Ally Russell

Emma -
This has been an entertaining read! I have always loved fried eggs, and have been on a fried egg kick for 2 weeks now. When I say kick, I mean 3am middle of the night fried egg snack kick. Big time. = ) I'm usually a purist, just a couple eggs with a piece or two of buttered toast, but this recipe sounds mouthwatering and I will have to give it a try for sure. Thank you for passing on your love for fried eggs in a new way! We are pretty much the same mind when it comes to your list of firm beliefs!

ps. Poaching eggs, way healthier, just as yummy, but also way harder to flip! I would recommend sticking with your fried!


Your Mother loves her eggs fried the same way as you, so I know where you get that! I have come to appreciate that style over the years also. We must eat fried eggs together sometime.


Fried eggs are good, but poached are also amazing, and easier than getting the perfect fried egg!

Here is how to do it.

Small pan of boiling water, little salt in it, and a tablespoon of vinegar.

with a spoon whirl the water so you have a little whirlpool (this might not be needed, i have always done it this way, it is how my mum taught me to do it when i was 8)

crack the egg into the boiling water as it is still whirling, turn it down to simmer.
The egg will fall to the bottom of the pan, and as it cooks it will start to float.

When it is floating near the top of the water, it is perfectly cooked.
it should take no more than 3 minutes really.

The vinegar is really important as it holds the egg together.

take the egg out with a strainer spoon. and eat on buttered toast... yolk will be really gooey, and the white will be perfect.

I love eggs.

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