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loveee veggie burgers. The best ones I've made are Quinoa, Chickpea burgers. Delicious!!


Yum! I love homemade veggie burgers. I want one of these right now. Sounds so good.


Dear Emma,
Since I started reading your blog (about two weeks ago) I've been craving those damn peanut butter cupcakes!! I even bought a little secondhand Krups electric oven to be ready te bake them (my tiny appartment has no room for a gas oven). So there... I''ve gone great lenghts for those cupcakes. Please don't make me beg for the recipe... cause I will!!
PS: Love your blog. It's been sooo helpful to me. I'm a struggling vegetarian in Mexico City.


Thanks for this recipe! I don't digest beans very well, but lentils are effortless! I am so happy to finally have a lentil burger recipe - I'll be making these for my meat-eating father tonight.


Deidre- you have gone to great lenghts! Goodness. :) email me: emma AT redvelvetart DOT com and i will tell you any recipe you like.

Mandy @ Miss Indie

okay, I am totally trying these!! Thank you so much for sharing! I'm giving up all red meat [but I loveee cheeseburgers, haha], so any substitute will be great! xx


This recipe sounds amazing! I've never had a lentil burger before, but I definitely think I need to try one!


Dear Emma,
Over the past, I'd say 24 hours, I have read your entire blog. no lie, start to finish. And I find your writing, honesty, and recipes totally inspiring. Especially all the stories about how blogging has changed your life and how scared you were to start doing it; It's good to see the human side behind food!
Sincerest thanks,


Melissa- you just made my day. thank you. :)


Hi Emma!
I am a big fan of veggie burgers, but I never know what toppings to use! What sorts of things would you put on a lentil or bean burger?


kaitlyn- cheese is a must. i also love bar-b-que sauce and mustard (but not together). a slice of grilled pineapple would be fancy. lettuce, tomato, coleslaw. anything that might come on a "regular" burger is cool. you could even top it with bacon if you are feeling ironic.


Mmmm, I love lentil burgers. I can`t wait to try your recipe! Thanks!

Tim Barker

Lentil burgers are great. Why are they green though. Why not use red or brown lentils? A teaspoon of soy sauce gives some extra flavour too. I like the cayenne pepper idea as well.

Erica F

I made these the other night and they were awesome! My husband is vegan and I'm always looking for recipes to surprise him with. I used Shake n' Bake instead of bread crumbs and they were sooo good. I love your blog!


Tried this last night, improvising a bit with measurements because I never quite know what a cup is (I'm Italian)! I have also added grated halloumi cheese as I was worried it might not hold together with the lentils only!


made these the other night & they were delicious. thanks for sharing so many recipes with us!

sara f

sounds good :-)
would this work as "meat"balls?

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