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i love making hummus at home, and especially new fun flavored ones! I can't wait to try this one. Here is another one that i have become hooked on. Roasted Broccoli Hummus from Not Without Salt.


I made hummus for the first time on Sunday. It was a success, and I loved it even more because where I liv no one knows what it is (haha, it seems like I live in another world). I will try this recipe next time, it looks delicious, thanks!


Oh this just looks wonderful! I have been wanting to try making hummus for awhile. Might have to make it happen :-)


Heidi Ho

yuuummm. make a TLT with this. Tempeh bacon, Lettuce, Tomato! Avocado is great too, but i think avocado belongs on everything... it's my favorite summer sandwich and I think this hummus sounds extra delicious :)


omg, I looove hummus. A friend gave me a traditional hummus recipe last year and I probably made it like 30 times already because it's so tasty and everybody loves it. I'll try your recipe next time I feel like eating hummus (and have the necessary ingredients at home!)
Thanks for sharing!

Sara S.

"I am often willfully ignorant and cheap, apparently." Oh, how perfectly this phrase describes me. I think my husband would laugh out loud at this. ;)

Amber Ybanez

Have you had the Eggplant at Trader's? Amazing! Lots of garlic...yum.

I look forward to trying your recipe. Thank you.

Amber Ybanez

*Eggplant Hummus

Laura M Smith

I love hummus! I make it all the time. My favorite one I've made so far is spinach hummus.
Also.....hummus makes a great sauce with pasta! Gets some protein in there! :) Delicious.


I have never tried hummus... yeah sorry! Trying hummus will be my summer goal! Oh and I love what you did with your page:)


I love hummus with roasted garlic, toasted cumin seeds and lemon!!! It's one of my favourite foods and something I'd happily live on!!


That looks delicious. Trader Joe's hummus is amazing!


I'm in my hummus phase right now! This looks delicious; I will be trying it with the basil substitute because cilantro is evil. I might throw some garlic in as well. :D Thanks!


Not going to lie, I make hummus in the blender at home! ;)
That looks great though!!


I make hummus all the time with my blender (we have a hummus obsession at home!) I usually add lemon juice, garlic and cumin seeds. Sometimes I use roasted eggplant instead of chickpeas and it's also great. I think I'm going to try it now adding sundried tomatoes too. Thanks for the idea!


Oh my gosh, this looks fantastic! Hummus with a twist! I love regular hummus but it's nice to mix it up a bit sometimes - sundried tomato and cilantro sounds lovely.

Also, fun fact: In Australia we call "cilantro" "coriander"! x


i cannot wait to try this.. my friend is throwing a bookmaking workshop, and i think this would be a perfect little treat to bring to the gals.. what a yummy blog.. thanks 3


Your post reminded me of Cookie Monster and his "Cookie is a Sometimes Food" song. (Though there are times I would like to disagree with Mr. Monster...like the time I mindlessly ate over half a pack of Oreos before I realized what I was doing...)

That, and now I need to seek out my favorite Mediterranean restaurant for some hummus. Or buy my own food processor.


Mmm, I love making hummus! I'll have to try this one out. So far, my favorites I've made have been avocado and black bean hummus. Avocado is a pretty awesome hummus mate!!

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