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Lovely outfit :)


Love the shorts! I think I need some. Love that color.



haha! I love your posts. Always funny and sweet and I love these shorts. See, lots of love today. :) Hope you're having a great one.

Liz Q

The shorts look great on you! You have wonderful legs so flaunt them! :]


Mandy @ Miss Indie

Holy wow girl, look at you rockin' those shorts. You look beautiful!


This is super cute. Just wild about that necklace. :D


your whole outfit is just awesome! you look gorgeous - your legs included! :)


Emma, this outfit is such a perfect summer outfit and you look great in it!


I love everything about your outfit! The lace top, the scallop shorts and the shoes are all wonderful!


Those shorts are so cute! I've been dying to get a pair, but I'm not sure if I could pull them off! Also, I'm in love with those shoes! -swoon-


You look SO lovely! You're rocking those scalloped shirts!

PS I know how you feel about not rocking the whole exposed leg thing. I've been the same way for so long, but this summer I've been trying to step out of my comfort zone!


Your post title came up in my bloglovin stream and I thought you were making scallops so I got really hungry (my fiance made dinner tonight but it wasn't so good, even though he's a really good cook). But those shorts are cute too. Even though you can't eat 'em. :)

stacy lynn

Love the shorts! I just found a grey pair yesterday at my favorite consignment store! Too cute!

Dez Schwartz

That's a very cute classy outfit! Love it!


those shoes... on you.... are totally amazing! the whole outfit rocks! i love your blog btw.



Oh my gosh, you look fantastic! I know how you feel about the legs thing...but platforms always do wonders for legs :)

strawberry MILK mustache

Oh those shorts are super pretty!!!


Love the outfit!
Your neck looks so long and elegant in the last photo, made me envious!

Amélie @ Photo  Random Bits

Lovely post, lovely outfit.
I totally just ordered a pair of these shorts.
Oh what my blogroll does to my wallet :S


I've been on the hunt for scalloped shorts for awhile also. I saw a tutorial for a pair of wool shorts that someone scalloped themselves and they turned out so cute. I also wanted to make a pair of crochet one from a large sweater with a scalloped edge. Your so thin that you should worry about your legs but I shouldn't talk because i have my own leg issues. They look great on you.


I used to not be shy about showing my legs. Shorts used to be my go to piece of clothing for the summer, but I haven't worn them in years now. Not sure why I hate showing my legs off now (maybe all the scars from my childhood clumsy days).

I've got to say that those shorts are just the thing to get me showing my legs off again! They are so cute!


OKKK...love that necklace! And the shorts are perfect. You have nothing to worry about with your legs, trust me! :)


honestly, i thought you were talking about the seafood, and scallops are my #2 fave seafood, so i got excited. but my excitement stayed intact because i happen to also love scallop shorts! i really love yours too, and i can totally relate to your "leg issues". actually, just this summer i've finally gotten over it. hooray for progress!


Long time fan of your blog, first time commenting because I wanted to say bravo for just throwing out there what you like about yourself. We all need to do that a little bit more... life is far too short for hiding.

Bird x


Body issues, no way! You look great! Love the shorts! Would very much like a pair too...

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