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I took my dogs out this morning in my PJ's. They are white with Christmas holly and too short for my long legs. I'm 38. It wasn't awkward till my trash man honed and waved...

Miss Alesund

Hey, I wear purple pajamas too! With colour quotes like "color outside the lines" or "let yourself daydream". Very inspiring...



Ummmm teapot pajama pants?!?! Where from! I need these immediately! I have pajama pants in whale, owl, and french bulldog print. Teapots would be divine!!


There's no shame in awesome pajama pants. My favorite pair has sock monkeys in Santa hats.


Awe! What a guy. :)

Jo - Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

Your PJ pants actually sound the best! 3 I have birds on mine! My absolute favourite though, is the Peter Alexander onesie I own; it is designed to look like an Egyptian mummy! So much fun - though I wouldnt brave venturing out in it!

Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog


sometimes when I'm lazy I leave my apartment in red pajama pants tucked into Ugg boots and I totally look like Santa Clause.


hahahahaha! Your post really made me giggle. Your pajama pants sound very cute (love tea pots!). :)



nice.i just read a blog and someone was given a free cup of coffee from the previous customer.


Emmoa, you're too cute and you make even a trash can story amazing. Love the skirt!


Emma, you are the bomb! I can just imagine you doing this, and I am amazed at the kindness of people, too! Love the look - totally - your hair, makeup, but especially the boots. I guess I am getting a boot fetish these days. Totally great story, makes my day!


My pajama-pants have cute owls and little pink hearts. I'm 29.

rachel e

It is so funny to hear your trash man story. My husband did the same thing. Excect he jumped in the mustang and burned rubber chasing after them and convinced them to turn around and come back which was impressive to me. I guess he worked up whatever kind of charm he could that morning. What we do for trash pick up, sheesh.


That's awesome! How nice of them. Don't forget to tip them for Christmas. :) Also, I don't think you will ever outgrow silly pj pants. I'm in my mid-30s and I still wear them.

hannah alehandra

Love your skirt, it looks soo warm!!!



Oh this made me laugh! I got caught taking my rubbish out to the communal bins with bed hair, ink pyjama pants, purple work hoody and the young man's slippers. It is so embarrassing! But that little act of kindness from them is sweet- a nice way for your day to have begun!

Orchid Grey

Recently my husband and I went to a concert at a local music hall, the parking booth didn't take cards and I had a car blocking me so I couldn't pull out, I asked the man in the booth if I could at least turn around in the lot and he said conspiratorially: "I'll tell you what, you can pull in, and you can turn around if you want, but I won't be looking too closely to see if you do". It was really nice of him, random acts of kindness really do make a huge difference and I loved your garbage story!


The first thing I was thinking when I saw this post was that I love your shirt. I can't believe it's from wal-mart, that's awesome! Gotta love getting great clothes for a great price.

Andrea Lynne Rose

The color is the boots are so pretty!


Violets and Cardamom

Absolutely love your skirt! Oh, and I have totally taken the trash out in a rush wearing my pajamas before too. :)


That's totally has happened to me too but they didn't pick up the trash for me! :(


I love reading your blog, cause the way you say things makes my day. In Aus we wouldn't say "I had forgotten to put my dumpster by the curb", but "I had forgotten to leave my wheelie bin on the footpath." Now you can have a chuckle at our word for a dumpster!


I agree with terrell--maybe you should leave them some of your delicious baking on your dumpster next week. :) I just left cookies for my mailman today. It's the little things.


That made me smile :)


My PJs are red with reindeers. I'm wearing them a lot this month. Like all day long on my days off. Ah well, if December isn't the time for snuggling up at home in PJs with a steaming mug of something yummy I don't know when is!

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