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o yum. I bet these are good. I usually don't eat dumplings/potstickers either but I would DEFINITELY try these



These look delish! I love lentils! That sounds amazing!

The life after

I love dumplings!! It is a pity we can't see inside.

The Life After

Bella Blithely

Holy cow! I could really go a plate of mushroom dumplings right about now!

irene wibowo

looks delicious.. :) wanna try..http://lovesimplegreen.blogspot.com/


Yes you can-do it! :)


These look amazing!! I LOVE pork dumplings but I had never ever thought of doing veggie ones!! Lentils are nice. Dumplings are nice. Ummmmm... these should be just a little bit AMAZING!!
Do you know if it's possible to make wonton wrappers? I mean, obviously it is otherwise they would not exist. But I mean, at home. Any ideas? :)
Tertia xx

Mama Smith

I love dumplings and have never been brave enough to try anything with those wonton papers which are intimidating for some reason. We have a great spot for veggie dumplings (Boston tho not Springfield!) but are trying to eat out less to save money so this would be a real treat- thanks.


I did an air punch/ shouting of 'yes!' combo when i saw this, cant wait to try them! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

carrie @plums in the icebox

terrific recipe, emma! i will be trying this out ASAP.

Kacie @ A Collection of Passions

Yummmmmm. Those look so easy and healthy. I'm in love with typical meat dishes made vegetarian. My fave is my Veg. French Onion Soup: http://acollectionofpassions.com/blog/kacie-s-vegetarian-french-onion-soup which is typically made with beef broth.

I can't wait to give these a try.


Ah, this is so great. Not only do I like to try to do meatless things more often, but I always need the encouragement that wonton/eggroll/etc wrappers really aren't that scary. Isn't that crazy? I freeze up in the grocery store when I think about doing something like this and shuffle right to the freezer section for something less desirable.

But no, I can do this. (Thanks, Emma!)

katharine Camiili

these look amazing!
for some reason I thought they would be harder-

hannah alehandra

These are right up my street! I'm vegetarian and I love food like this. Shame that half of your dumplings stuck to the pan! Ain't that just the way, haha.



Those look so yummy!


Lauren Helen

These look delicious - I agree with Liana on that those sorts of wrap are mad intimidating at the grocer! I always pass them by!


I love veggie dumplings made with TVP. You should try that as well. So good.


oh, this is happening. veggies everywhere thank you!



These look delicious! I'm pinning it for later!


Bummer about the sticking. My mom used to make vegetarian potstickers with rice noodles, crumbled tofu, napa cabbage and dried mushrooms. They held up pretty well with the crumbled tofu. Since I moved away from California, I can't get ready-made potsticker wrappers so I have resorted to making my own dough (2:1 ratio of flour to cold water). I would highly recommend making your own ( if store bought is nowhere to be found) rather than using wonton wrappers because they'll hold up better to the frying/ steaming treatment. And oil, that helps too ;)


I mean, LOTs of oil (not deep fried, but fry an egg so it's slippery).


Hey Emma, I'm chinese and we do such dumplings at home sometimes.
What you can do, to prevent these dumplings from sticking is....
1) apply a little oil on the bottom of the pan before you place the dumplings.
2) chinese restaurants usually steam it in a round basket, with a piece of thin white cloth laid on the bottom before placing the dumplings.
3) you can also place some big leaves of vegetables at the bottom in place of the white cloth. that helps with the sticking too! (cabbages, lettuce should do the job!)

you can try it the next time you make them!
do let me know the outcome!

Caroline :)


oh, otherwise you can boil the dumplings. it will turn out well too!
there are several ways to cook these dumplings, but steaming and boiling them are the healthier ways.


I just started reading your blog and I love it! I read abeautifulmess all the time and decided to look at this one too! IT'S AMAZING. you girls inspire me!

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